What are your areas of expertise?

Lindsay Law provides License and Employment Defense for healthcare providers. We can assist others who are not healthcare providers based on the current caseload. We will fight to ensure your career and license is protected against fraudulent accusations, termination without cause or due to discrimination.

Will my case be confidential?

Yes, all cases would be held in the utmost confidence. Lindsay Law office is located in a private, secluded area close to the Illinois Medical District allowing clients to visit on-site without fear of being noticed or retaliation.

Can I switch to another attorney during the case maturity?

Yes, you can switch to another attorney, however we would want to retain you as a client and would do everything possible to keep you satisfied with the handling of the case. If you do switch attorneys,the fees associated with the service previously provided to you as the client would require complete payment prior to releasing information surrounding the case to you or your new attorney.

What documents are needed before proceeding?

Everyone’s situation is different; we would discuss your case and identify which documents would be needed to support your case.

What is the minimal payments for the first consultation?

All initial consultations are free. Once we have discussed your case, Lindsay Law would determine the next steps and how a fee schedule would be structured based on your circumstances.

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