HIPAA Violations

Need a lawyer?HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 which imposes mandatory requirements on health care providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses. The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides restrictions on uses and disclosures of “protected health information”. The HIPAA Security Rule protects “protected health information” in an electronic record format. Title II requires administrative compliance from both employers and health care practitioners with national standards for the use, disclosure, and security of protected health information.

Lindsay Law assists victims who have been violated through HIPAA breach resulting from negligence. Whether a company is improperly using personal health records for Medicare & Medicaid fraud, failing to safeguard your health data, or otherwise breaching its obligations, contact Lindsay Law today for a consultation at no costs to you.

Click here to report HIPAA violations to HHS OCR.

  • What Does HIPAA Stand For?
  • Who Do You Represent In HIPAA Violation Cases?
  • How Can Someone Report A HIPAA Violation Properly?
  • How Is The Viability Of A HIPAA Violation Case Determined?
  • How Long Do HIPAA Violation Cases Take To Resolve?

To answer these questions contact Lindsay Law or check out the book Protect and Empower: The Career Survival Guide for Healthcare Professionals on Amazon.com by Erica D. Lindsay PharmD, MBA, Esq.

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