Mobile Estate Preparation

Lindsay Law can prepare estate documents for your loved ones while they are admitted in the hospital, nursing home or in the comfort of their home.

An Official Nortarial Register with embosser and stamp for notary on white background

Lindsay Law can prepare:

  • Power of Attorney – a written authorization to handle the financial, business and private matters of another. Also known as Attorney in Fact.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney – written authorization to handle the healthcare matters of another, usually filed with the hospital or the physician.
  • Last Will and Testament and Codicils – the legal declaration by a person to either manage their estate or provides distribution instruction for the disposal of their property.
  • Living Will – a written statement describing the patient’s desires in their medical treatment e.g. tube feeding, life support, etc, when they are no longer able to express their intent.
  • HIPAA Release Forms – allowing a third party to obtain your healthcare records and information for various reasons including billing or treatment.

Lindsay Law will provide each client and their families with timely advice based on their healthcare needs and situation. Lindsay Law is committed to providing individualized client service in a professional and confidential manner. The goal is to ease the stress of family during such a traumatic period in their lives.

We can provide individual document or bundle for a flat fee. Same Day service can be available, preferred 24 hour notice is requested.

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